Tulane University Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: How Tulane University Builds a Better Biosecurity Program Using Peroxigard™

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The Department of Comparative Medicine at Tulane University, recently switched to Peroxigard™ Disinfectants in their animal research unit, originally in search of a safer product for all their disinfection needs. Along the way, the Associate Director and their team discovered a number of other benefits that helped th

contact time

Understanding “Contact Time” and Why It Matters for Disinfection

Virox Technologies Disinfection Discoveries Blog

When you apply a disinfectant, you want to be sure it’s really doing its job! After all, keeping your surfaces and equipment clean and disinfected is key to compliance, biosecurity and reliable research results.  One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a disinfectant is contact time. Contact time

Peroxigard Disinfectants: Available and Ready for the Fight Against COVID-19

Virox Technologies Disinfection Discoveries Blog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your staff and your laboratory environment safe is more critical—and more challenging—than ever. Your facility is likely adjusting to changes such as social distancing, staffing reductions, PPE shortages and disinfectant shortages … at a time when powerful cleaning and disinf