Peroxigard Monkeypox

Peroxigard™ (US) efficacy against Monkeypox Virus (MPV)

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In cases of emerging viral pathogens such as Monkeypox Virus, when there is no test that can be conducted to validate the efficacy of a disinfectant, the US Environmental Protection Agency utilizes their Emerging Viral Pathogens Policy to determine the expected efficacy of a disinfectant against an emerging virus. In t

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Virox Technologies partners with Contec to expand delivery of sustainable, effective disinfectants to Lab Animal Sciences/Vivarium Market

Virox Technologies News & Insights

Virox Technologies, the creator and manufacturer of some of the world’s safest, most effective, eco-friendly disinfectant chemistries is pleased to announce the expansion of their partnership with Contec, Inc. Virox and Contec have partnered together for well over a decade marketing, promoting, and selling Virox’s