Cut the Costs of Disinfection

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Should you switch from Chlorine Dioxide to Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®  and cut the costs of disinfection?

Doesn’t it feel like there’s always too much to do and too little time? What if you could change that by changing your approach to disinfection?

By switching from chlorine dioxide to Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) as your disinfectant and cleaner, you can achieve compliance in a fraction of the time, with less effort. And what saves time and effort ultimately saves money.

So how exactly can switching to Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® increase efficiency and reduce costs?

  • Works faster. AHP®  requires as little as one minute of contact time to kill pathogens! Compare that to chlorine dioxide, which requires the surface to stay wet for five minutes. When you achieve results in less time, you save costs associated with labor to disinfect your facility.
  • It’s a one-step process. AHP®  is both a disinfectant and a cleaner, working in one simple step, not two. While chlorine dioxide achieves disinfection, it requires a pre-clean step and is corrosive to stainless steel equipment if not deactivated. By using compatible one-step cleaner disinfectant products, you gain long-term cost and time savings.
  • Impressive shelf life. AHP®  has a shelf life of up to 2 years, reducing waste and ensuring disinfection confidence. Chlorine dioxide has a meager seven-day shelf life, leading to major waste every week.  With long shelf life products, you can reduce your facility’s waste and environmental impact.
  • Available in Wipes. AHP®  pre-saturated wipes are easy to use and preferred by staff for convenient disinfection. While chlorine dioxide requires multi-part mixing, activation, and equipment for use, wipes are effective, simple to use, and offer other advantages—justifying premium costs.

But is it really worth the switch?

Yes, your peers at a facility in Massachusetts have seen the advantages first hand: “We continue to see positive effects based on quarterly health monitoring, yearly agar testing and equipment longevity. In combination with a comprehensive training program our change… has ensured a high level of sanitation and cleanliness in our facility.”

To read the full poster presented at the 2018 AALAS National Meeting, click here.


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